DunDraCon 2019

My game submission for DunDraCon 2019:


Shadowrun: Collect On Delivery


Murphy’s Law is a perfect location for a quiet meet with your fixer, Fog. The seedy atmosphere, smell of stale beer, and some of the best pizza in the ‘plex combine to both set the mood for some extra-legal activities and obviate the need for additional security. In a place like this, the other patrons know better than to stick their noses in other people’s biz. Fog serves each of you a slice from the pan already on the table (half meat lovers’, half veggie) before getting down to business.

It looks like a straight up package-sitting job. Mr. Johnson is playing it close to the vest, so I’ll be your only point of contact with him. If you take the job, you’ll need to set up a safehouse in the barrens and then make a pick up from another team. Once you have the package, you’ll need to sit on it for up to 72 hours then hand it off. Pay is ¥100,000.00 upon completion, and you get 10% up front. If you end up having to destroy the package you’ll still get half your pay, once Mr. Johnson is satisfied with the results. And no, I don’t know what’s in the package, so don’t bother asking.”


The runners have been hired to act as middle-men, taking delivery of a mysterious “package” and keeping it safe for up to 72 hours, then handing it off to another team. The pay is good and it seems like a walk-in-the-park.

This is a sandbox style adventure with a background plot on a timer. The PCs are free to accomplish their mission objective however they see fit, within certain parameters, but thing are going to happen in the background regardless of their actions. There will be lots of opportunities for investigation and role-play and hopefully a big fight at the end!

Players are encouraged to bring their own characters (500 BP, Availability 12, standard skill/gear caps.) or you may use one of my pre-gens. I have made the pre-generated characters as “generic” as possible to allow players to personalize the details.

Please note: this is a 20th Anniversary Edition game. Characters written for other editions will not be accepted as they are not game-mechanically compatible! If you have a favorite character that you just have to play, take the time to re-write them for the game. You’ll thank me for it later.

As always, beginners are most welcome.