Greyhawk Hero

Intro and character writeups for a game that I ran at DunDraCon 2018:


Greyhawk Hero: Hateful Things

Nearly a hundred years ago the Hateful Wars cleansed the Lortmil Mountains of Goblins, Orcs, and other evil humanoids. Now rumors of ghostly lights in the mountains around the former Hobgoblin city of Grot-Ugrat have prompted Thane Bolor Blackaxe to send messengers to the Ulek states seeking aid and offering great reward for those brave enough to win the day. Your party of adventurers have assembled at the dwarven fortress of Hoch Dunglorin to listen to his plan.

Return to the World of Greyhawk for a classic wilderness/dungeon crawl using the world’s most flexible and heroic game rules: the Hero System. All characters will be provided; I have ten characters to choose from, so there should be something for everyone.




Character sheets are here:

Amadi the Red

Sister Astravelle

Sir Corestra Lunoreth

Cullan Blueshadow

Ronan Carter


Throful Longbrand

Sir Leara Sharn

Aram Farahmand

Griswold Cobblefoot