Kublacon 2017

Kublacon 2017 After action report

Well, I did it! Got a full house (six players) on Sunday and ran for them for the full eight hours. Everybody said they had a good time and I am choosing to believe them. Due to the nature of Hero System combats (long) and player shenanigans (even longer) I never actually got to the boss fight, but my players did not seem to mind. Maybe I will run the other half of the adventure at another con. The characters that were chosen were: The Elven Knight; The Half-Orc Fighter; The Halfling Adventurer; The Wizard; The Cleric of Pelor; and the Baklunish Monk. The Paladin rounded out the party as control NPC.

Game submission for Kublacon

Greyhawk Hero: Hateful Things

Event Proposal
Game system
Hero System 6th Edition (Fantasy Hero)
Start time:
SUN, 12:00 PM
8 Hours
Event ID
# of Players:
GM / Judge
Dino Fernandez

Almost a hundred years ago, the Hateful Wars cleansed the Lortmil Mountains of Goblins, Orcs, and other evil humanoids. Now rumors of ghostly lights in the mountains around the former Hobgoblin city of Grot-Ugrat have prompted the lord of Hoch Dunglorin to send a messenger to the Duchy of Ulek seeking aid. An adventuring party is being assembled at Tringlee before setting out to the Celene pass.

Return to the World of Greyhawk for a classic wilderness/dungeon crawl using the world’s most flexible and heroic game rules: the Hero System. All character will be provided and beginners are welcome. CHAR:Provided LVLS:Heroic characters

C/E Rating
3/A    Complexity = Complex / Experience = None | C/E Info
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