Hi, my name is Enedino Fernandez. I go by Dino as I cannot pronounce Enedino either. I live ‘behind the redwood curtain’ in Humboldt County. I run and play games at bay area conventions because they are the closest conventions to my home (if you count 300+ miles as close.)

I have been playing tabletop roleplaying games since before we had to specify the tabletop part. My first RPG was the Earl Otis cover D&D Basic Set from 1981.


At home I mostly play Pathfinder (because it’s allegedly easy) and Hero System 6th Edition (because I like math apparently). I occasionally make forays into the worlds of Shadowrun, Old World of Darkness games, In Nomine, or Fading Suns. I very much like games run on the Apocalypse World engine and I like FATE but can’t get anyone to play it. I’m apparently good at running Unhallowed Metropolis as the group I last ran it for won’t stop talking about it.